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About Bayside Elementary

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Bayside Elementary history is brief but is marked with phenomenal growth and change. The doors opened on November 14, 2006. The school opened with 547 students and has grown tremendously. With the dedication of the school staff and the support of the parents and the community, Bayside Elementary continues to provide a positive learning environment with excellent educational programs.

Bayside Elementary is a school that is preparing children for future success. The parents and staff consistently nurture, guide, model and inspire the students.

Well-equipped, spacious classrooms; fully-equipped, multipurpose physical education facility; art lab; acoustically designed music rooms; automated media center with multi-media computer stations; Spanish program daily for fourth and fifth grade students; state-of-the-art educational computer equipment and software, networked throughout the school.

Clean and Beautiful Award, United States Environmental Protection Agency Environmental Education Grant, Bayside Clean and Beautiful, Green School, Bayside County's Golden Apple Award for outstanding parent volunteer, Georgia PTA Award, Georgia Clean and Beautiful, $55,000 Local Assistance Technology Grant Recipient; International Student Council of Excellence (3 years)