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Art Education

Resource Page


Albright-Knox Art Games

This interactive sites engages children in art activites that help them to learn about artist and the works of art in the collection of Albright-Know Art Gallery in Buffalo, New York.


Ameriacn Treasures


Divided into three main areas -Menory, Reason, and Imagination- with approximately twenty items ineach, this site is exceptionally rich. It is to be a continuoulsly updated exhibt at the Library of Congress



This site is a site worth visitng if you are interested in learning about the basics of cartoon animnation. Created by a teenager, there are simple tutorials that help you understand the concepts of frame by frame animation.


Caving at Skidegate

Photographs and text indicate the elaborate nature of totem pole carving



Clear insturctions and elegeant modesl in teh traditional Japanese are of paperfolding from Joseph Wu in Japan. Conatins linksa to many other origmai site, including "How to Make an Orgiagmi Crane."


Wold Wide Art Gallery

See examples of art done by children from around the world, and connect to links of art activities and infomration about art and history.